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Buy a Brick Program

For the Renovation of the L.H. Mason Building & Museum

Republic, Washington

Are you out of ideas for a special gift. Have you heard of the Ferry County Historical Society’s “Buy A Brick” fund-raising campaign?

>> Download the donation form here

In 2018 the Anderson Family (the Anderson’s Grocery family) generously donated the L. H. Mason Building to the Ferry County Historical Society. The Society was already interested in the building with the intent of purchasing and creating a larger museum display area and increasing storage areas and preparation space. The L. H. Mason building is located at 801 S Clark Avenue in Republic and is on the corner diagonally across the street from the Public Library.

An architectural firm has inspected the building and prepared an estimate of the work to be done and funds needed. At the time the assessment was completed, the architect estimated the work to cost $523,000. Earlier this year we found that there are significant environmental hazards to be mitigated and the floor joists are resting directly on bare soil. These issues were not taken into account when the cost estimate was developed.

The building first came into being in 1899 and was “the only brick building in town”. All of the bricks were manufactured locally from local clay and are a soft, fragile, low-fired brick.

The L.H. Mason Building in 1913, Republic, Washington

Renovation work has begun on the interior with much appreciated volunteer help. To date, the drop ceiling has been removed, non-load bearing walls have been taken down and dead animals along with bat and mouse droppings removed. This is just a drop in the bucket, we have a long way yet to go. If you would like to volunteer your time on this project, you can contact Ray Bilderback or Madilane Perry at 775-2605.

We are so excited to have this wonderful building to bring back to life and transform into a museum to show our varied histories. We do have plans to apply for grants to help us cover the costs and donations are very important when seeking grant funding.

Buy a Brick Museum - Artists Rendition

The above drawing is the architect’s rendition of the finished Ferry County Historical Society’s Museum. The Buy A Brick campaign was begun this spring to give folks an opportunity to financially support the renovation of this historic building. The brick(s) that each donation supports are located on the interior north wall and are too fragile to allow us to attach plaques to them. All of our “Buy A Brick” sponsors will be honored with a beautiful, permanent display. Bricks have been purchased to commemorate local pioneer families, deceased loved ones and those who love the area. If you are interested in the renovation and would like to support us by “Buying A Brick” please use this form and mail it to the address shown.

>> Download the donation form here

The L.H. Mason Building in 2018, Republic, Washington